Xenodimension Neptunia – In Migration

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    So the past few days have been rough ones, and I have college stuff in a few weeks so I personally can't update this modpack, so we're moving everything to KendoraSage's page with possibly an update on it too. As of right now, This page any mods under this account will be null/void. So to Xenoversemods Staff, I would like you to delete all the mods on this account in 2 weeks if that's okay.

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    | 1.0 | +Neptune's Hair (Base + Super Saiyan)/ +Blanc's Hair / +HDD Eyes

    | 1.1 | +Blanc's Hair (Forgot in 1.0) / +Uni's HDD hair

    | 1.2 | +Kurome's Hair / +Orange Heart Hair / ~Updated Super Saiyan Neptune Hair / ~Updated Screenshots

    | 1.3 | +Uzume and No Accessory variations / +Green Heart Hair / +White Heart Hair / +White Sisters hair / +Ultradimension Neptune Hair / +Uni's Hair

    |1.3.1| +Noire's Hair (Accessory) / Note: The Accessory at this time is not colorable, but I do plan to figure that out in the future.

    |1.4| +Black Heart's Hair / +Purple Heart's Hair (Accessory + No Accessory) / +Purple Sister's Hair / +Yellow Heart's Hair / +Compa's Hair

    |1.5| +Neptune's Hair (D-Pads) / +Ultradimension Neptune Hair (D-Pads) / +Plutia's Hair/ +Vert's Hair / +IF's Hair (Accessory + No Accessory) / +Rom & Ram Hair (With hats) / +Uni's Hair (Ribbons) / Attempt to update the IDs so that all similar hair are in one slot / Note: All accessories are not colorable in-game unfortunately. If you want to color them, you would have to edit them in the DYT. Another thing I want to mention is that this is the last in the V1.x updates. We will be moving into V2.x also known as mk2.

    |mk2| +Nepgear's Base Hair / +5pB's Hair / +Cave's Hair / +Kid Compa's Hair / + Kid IF's Hair / + CyberConnect2_'s Hair / +Dengekiko's Hair / +Falcom's Hair / + Famitsu's Hair / +Kei Jinguji's Hair / +MarvelousAQL's hair / +Red's Hair | With this new update, we decided to put the hair ID they currently use in so that you know what hair it exactly changes without needing to check the READ ME. Thank you all for the support and I hope you enjoy this update. As of this update, I will not be updating the images with screenshots, since they're getting pretty big. Expect more in the future.

    |mk2.1| +New Updated Icon created by Oscar on Discord / +Next CPU Hairstyles / +Arfoire's Hairstyle / +Gold Third's Hairstyles / +Broccoli's hairstyle / +Histoire's hairstyle / + MAGES.'s hairstyle / + Ultradimension Noire's HDD hairstyle.

    |mk2.2| +New Neptunia Styled Eyes (Base, HDD, and Next Forms) / +Some pictures of the hair models in the character creator

    |mk2.3| +Blanc (Super Saiyan) Hairstyle / + Noire (NEXT) Hairstyle / +Super Souls based off the Neptunia characters / +BGM from the Neptunia Franchise

    |Migratation| -Everything | It'll be moved to KendoraSage's page.