Xenoverse 2 Anime Retexture

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  • description Description

    tried to reshade/color every character to appear as close to how they did in the show as possible

  • speaker_notes Installation

    drop the chara folder into DB Xenoverse 2/data

  • event_note Changelog

    1.3.1: fixed some bugs, colorable mentors coming in the next update

    2.0: changed the environment light on all characters, and fixed a few things, also added colorable mentors, all npcs, and the latest dlc characters

    2.0.1: noticed that one of Vegeta's battle suits didn't have the right environment light, and added a few more screenshots

    2.0.2: added a readme file

    2.0.5: added an optional chara folder that will make it work with Goketer's Adjustments and Accurate Models mod Pack

    2.1.0: added Gogeta Blue, DBS Broly, and mentor outfits

    2.2.0: added new dlc characters

    2.2.1: added new dlc characters/outfits

    2.2.3: updated the revamp compatability to work with the new version of the revamp

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