Xenoverse 2 Aura Expansion (Pride Troopers Official Release)

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    Hello all! This is Yami!

    As many of you are aware, the Pride Troopers came to an end a several months ago. However, a kind soul by the name of RazeDevastator has made it so that the Pride Trooper Aura Expansion is now entirely standalone! This new version of the Expansion is similar to that of Azura's Aura Pack and Lazybones' New Transformations in that they can all be installed at the same time with no conflicting entries! This also means that the Expansion will now once again work as intended in your game!

    ChaosBeat and Jackal were the original creators of this mod, and they both gave permission for Raze to package the mod in an installer. Again: ChaosBeat and Jackal were the creators of all auras in this pack, while Raze kindly packaged it into an EXE for them. Thanks to all involved!

    I've also pinned a comment left by a user all those months ago during the initial release of the mod. The video explains how to use the auras for your mods.

    This mod is not to be repackaged in any way. Modders can instead use this pack for their mods as long as they credit the original authors (Jackal, ChaosBeat, and RazeDevastator) and don't include any of the files found in this mod in their own mods. Modders should use only the numbers for the auras and post a link to this mod as requirement.

    If you're interested in learning more about the modding process, please check out this server: https://discord.gg/UK8AJH6

    In the above server, we teach just about everything you could want to learn! Even if you're talented, we still enjoy helpers to come in and share their knowledge if they would like to!

    Below are the aura values that you will be using for the mod. Raze has also included a txt version of the list in the rar.

    • 7036 - Henshin Aura, Blue (i.e. Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin, etc.)
    • 7066 - Henshin Aura, Pink (i.e. Frieza, Buu, Beerus, etc.)
    • 7046 - Henshin Aura, Magenta (i.e. Piccolo, Ginyu, Hit, etc.)
    • 7136 - Henshin Aura, Evil (i.e. Towa, Mira, Dabura, etc.)
    • 7146 - Boost Loop, Villainous, without glow
    • 7147 - Ki Charge, Villainous, without glow
    • 7228 - Henshin Aura, Red (i.e. Raditz, Nappa, Turles, etc.)
    • 7316 - Henshin Aura, Goku Black
    • 7337 - Henshin Aura, Golden Blue (Blue Kaioken, only gold on the inside, blue on the outside)
    • 7340 - Boost Start, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7341 - Boost Loop, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7342 - Boost End, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7343 - Ki Charging, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7344 - Ki Charge Max, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7346 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7348 - Henshin End, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 7349 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Green
    • 7705 - Henshin Aura, Dimensional Villainous, without glow (aura when expert bosses draw power from dark crystals)
    • 7735 - Valkyrie Aura (green Super Saiyan Rage Aura)
    • 7736 - Ultra Instinct, Blue
    • 7737 - Merged Zamasu Aura
    • 7738 - Henshin Aura, Fenrir Awoken
    • 7739 - Boost Loop, Fenrir Awoken
    • 7740 - Ultra Instinct, Green
    • 7741 - Ultra Instinct, Magenta
    • 7742 - Ultra Instinct, Orange/Fire
    • 7743 - Ultra Instinct, Pink
    • 7744 - Ultra Instinct, Red
    • 7745 - Ki Charge, Fenrir Awoken
    • 7912 - Henshin Aura, Golden Form Kaioken
    • 7913 - Henshin Aura, SSGSS 2 (Edited SSGSS with electricity sparks)
    • 7914 - Henshin Aura, Deformed Deity (With Rainbow Aura) (Based on Corrupt Merged Zamasu)
    • 7915 - Henshin Aura, Deformed Deity (w/o Rainbow Aura) (Based on Corrupt Merged Zamasu)
    • 7916 - Henshin Aura, Saiyan Beyond God
    • 7917 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Rosé 4
    • 7918 - Henshin Aura, Limit Breaker (Based on UI Goku Promo)
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Run the EXE.

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1.0: Release V1.1: Raze Devastator Installer version V1.2: Update for DLC 9