Xenoverse 2 Aura Expansion (Pride Troopers Official Release)

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    This is, put simply, a pack of auras (built off of, and thus compatible with Lazybones' New Transformations mod; he gave us permission) that serves to expand upon the number of auras currently in the game, creating a large variety of new visual effects for modders to make use of in their mods.

    There are prerequisites before using these auras in your mod! First, make sure to ONLY include the number values of the auras in your X2M(s) using the below list of IDs, and not the aura files themselves. Including the files present in this mod is NOT allowed. Then credit the Pride Troopers and post a link to this page in the description of your upload, listing it as an essential prerequisite to your mod. Any mod that does not comply with these rules, but still attempts to be released with any of the included auras will be reported to the moderators, and will be removed. An example of how to credit us for the auras used in your mod would be as follows:

    "Credits to the Pride Troopers for the aura! You must have the Pride Trooper Aura Expansion installed for this mod to work as intended. You can download it here! https://xenoversemods.com/mod/edit/id/259196/  "

    Do note that we highly recommend that no one else makes a separate aura pack to this one, as that mod will then be incompatible with this and Lazybones' transformation pack (this aura pack will be updated each time Lazybones updates his New Transformations mod). The creation of a separate aura pack to this one will defeat the purpose of this mod, being aura compatibility for everyone. As such, if you wish to see any auras be made for this pack, please feel free to suggest them in the comments below, and we may update the mod to include our versions of them. If you would like to submit your own auras to the pack, feel free to send them to us in our Discord! https://discord.gg/vpzBtpE

    NOTE: The Aura Expansion will soon be updated! We have been working on it, and it will soon be compatible with Lazybones' New Transformations again! We also anticipate that DLC 6 will bring about new changes to the aura files, and we also expect Lazybones to update his mod shortly after DLC 6's release. We plan on updating the Aura Expansion again after Lazybones updates, but that may take some time, so stay tuned! A tutorial for how to use the auras in the mod and a YouTube showcase for all mods included is also in the works. If you would like to stay informed on what the PTs are currently working on, then use the link above to join our Discord!

    It is recommended to install Lazybones' mod before installing this pack: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/new-transformations-added-skills/

    Special thanks to Lazybones for allowing us to build off of his mod, solving aura incompatibilities for good! Below is a list of aura IDs that are to be placed in the respective fields to activate the special effects (these should be the only things you use in your mod, other than making sure that you have our mod installed first):

    • 36 - Henshin Aura, Blue
    • 46 - Henshin Aura, Magenta
    • 66 - Henshin Aura, Pink
    • 136 - Henshin Aura, Evil
    • 146 - Boost Loop, Villainous, without glow
    • 147 - Ki Charge, Villainous, without glow
    • 228 - Henshin Aura, Red
    • 243 - Henshin Aura, Villainous, without glow
    • 316 - Henshin Aura, Goku Black
    • 337 - Henshin Aura, Golden Blue (Blue Kaioken, only gold on the inside, blue on the outside)
    • 340 - Boost Start, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 341 - Boost Loop, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 342 - Boost End, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 343 - Ki Charging, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 344 - Ki Charge Max, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 346 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 348 - Henshin End, Super Saiyan Rage
    • 346 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Green
    • 705 - Henshin Aura, Dimensional Villainous, without glow (aura when expert bosses draw power from dark crystals)
    • 735 - Valkyrie Aura (green Super Saiyan Rage Aura)
    • 736 - Ultra Instinct, Blue
    • 737 - Merged Zamasu Aura
    • 738 - Henshin Aura, Fenrir Awoken
    • 739 - Boost Loop, Fenrir Awoken
    • 740 - Ultra Instinct, Green
    • 741 - Ultra Instinct, Magenta
    • 742 - Ultra Instinct, Orange/Fire
    • 743 - Ultra Instinct, Pink
    • 744 - Ultra Instinct, Red
    • 745 - Ki Charge, Fenrir Awoken
    • 912 - Henshin Aura, Golden Form Kaioken
    • 913 - Henshin Aura, SSGSS 2 (Edited SSGSS with electricity sparks)
    • 914 - Henshin Aura, Deformed Deity (With Rainbow Aura) (Based on Corrupt Merged Zamasu)
    • 915 - Henshin Aura, Deformed Deity (w/o Rainbow Aura) (Based on Corrupt Merged Zamasu)
    • 916 - Henshin Aura, Saiyan Beyond God
    • 917 - Henshin Aura, Super Saiyan Rosé 4
    • 918 - Henshin Aura, Limit Breaker (Based on UI Goku Promo)
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    V1.0: Release

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