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    Shop mod Updated for DLC 8. Features include:

    All equipment is set to rank "1" making most items "giftable" if you have access to multi-lobby

    It makes all legitimate skills and equipment buyable from the regular in game store

    INSTRUCTIONS: Just drop the zipped data folder into your game directory and load it up

    Things to note: I did not edit item prices this time, but I did add the demon crystals to the shop and it should be sellable for 9999999 zeni. Use that if you need zeni for the items and skills

    Do not mix this with other mods. The store edits rendered limit bursts unusable.

    I will try to iron out the bugs. But until then the updated version is here to use

  • speaker_notes Installation

    INSTRUCTIONS: Just drop the zipped data folder into your game directory and load it up

  • event_note Changelog

    Verison 2.0 (12/26/2018)

    Updated to work with DLC 8.

    Prices are default

    Do not keep or use with other mods


    This is V1.0: Initial release

    09.16.2018 V1.1: Fixed a few items that were still their normal rank (Fortune teller baba accessories and fused zamasu pants. Fixed UI Goku wig to be purchaseable.

    Known Bugs:

    Arabian costume gloves may appear invisible while the mod is loaded. Doesn't seem to affect buying it in the mod so I'm not sure what's the issue, but it should return to normal when the mod is deactivated.

    09.26.2018 NOTE If you use x2m mods or anything else that affects the shop; BACK YOUR DATA FOLDERĀ  AND SAVE FILE UP and THEN use this mod in a completely separate data folder. Do not overwrite any shop files in an existing x2m set up with this mod because it will cause issues when you try to use your other mods afterwards.

    Just rename your x2m data folder. And drag this is, buy your equipment, and then restore the other mods. Doing so should avoid conflict as long as you wait until the other mods are reinstated before making any changes to your presets

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