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    This is a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 music mod which aims to make battles more epic. A lot of tracks have been cut to start straight from the good part.

    The tracks that have been changed:

    Battle Themes:

    0004: This track has been muted so this means that this mod is completely compatible with intro mods.

    0008: Dragon Ball Super-Believe in Yourself (Strings Version)

    0009: One Punch Man-Battle

    0010: Attack on Titan- counterattack.mankind (second part)

    0011: Sonic and The Black Knight-With Me

    0012: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders-Stardust Crusaders

    0013: Naruto Shippuden-The Crying God

    0014: My Hero Academia-You Say Run

    0015: Dragon Ball Super-Ultimate Battle (Epic Remix by Pokémixr92)

    0016: Binding of Isaac Wrath of The Lamb-My Innermost Apocalypse

    0017: One Punch Man-The Hero (Paulo Cuevas's cover)

    0018: One Punch Man-Main Theme (Remix) (Soulsaber Remix)

    0019: Dragon Ball Super-Spirit Bomb Theme (Friedrich Habetler Music's cover)

    0020: Varien-Gunmetal Black

    0021: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2-Lost Courage (94Stones's Cover)

    0022: My Hero Academia-Jet Set Run

    0023: Attack on Titan-Eren's Berserk Theme

    0024: Dragon Ball Super-An Impossible Battle To Win

    0025: Unofficial Super Saiyan 3 Teen Gohan Theme by Saiyan Enigma

    0026: Fairy Tail-Fist of Flame

    0027: Dragon Ball Super-Chouzetsu Dynamic (Instrumental Cover) (Unfortunately I don't know who made it, please help me out if you can)

    0028: Dragon Ball Super Broly-Blizzard (Friedrich Habetler Music's cover)

    0029: Dragon Ball Super Broly-Broly vs Gogeta (Friedrich Habetler Music's cover)

    0030: One Punch Man-Dark Energy

    0031: Attack on Titan-Female Titan Extermination

    0032: Flow-Hero

    0033: Dragon Ball Super-Goku Black's Theme (Styzmask's remix)

    0034: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders-Final Battle

    0035: Unofficial Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta vs Super Saiyan 4 Broly Theme by Saiyan Enigma

    0036: Dragon Ball Super-Heroic Battle

    0037: Dragon Ball Super Broly-Broly vs Kakarot (Friedrich Habetler Music's cover)

    0038: Sonic Generations Unleashed Project Trailer Theme by Falk

    0039: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind-il vento d'oro

    0040: Attack on Titan-APETITAN (Trey J. Anderson's cover)

    0041: My Hero Academia-Rampaging Evil

    0042: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi-Final Disturbance

    0043: Attack on Titan-Female Titan Theme

    0044: Attack on Titan-Armored Titan Theme (Edited by mohamed nourddine)


    Conton City Themes:

    0058: Sonic Unleashed-Apotos HUB Day

    0059: Sonic Unleashed-Apotos HUB Night

    0060: Sonic Unleashed-Spagonia HUB Day

    0061: Sonic Unleashed-Spagonia HUB Night

    0062: Sonic Unleashed-Chun-Nan HUB Day

    0063: Sonic Unleashed-Chun-Nan HUB Night

    0064: Sonic Unleashed-Shamar HUB Day

    0065: Sonic Unleashed-Shamar HUB Night

    0066: Pokémon Sun and Moon-Ten Carat Hill Theme (GlitchxCity's Remix)

    0067: Pokémon Sun and Moon-Ten Carat Hill Theme

    0068: Sonic Unleashed-Empire City HUB Day

    0069: Sonic Unleashed-Empire City HUB Night


    Character Creation Theme:

    0082: My Hero Academia-I Will Become a Hero


    Main Menu/Character Selection Theme:

    0083: My Hero Academia-Sora ni Utaeba (Simpsonill's Remix)


    This mod is not Youtube friendly.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop the files in Data<Sound<BGM. If the folders don't exist you can just make them.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Initial Release

    1.1 Changed some songs and fixed the link.

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