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    Mirror when VGM don't want to download

    This is a new version of Xenoviewer witch use a converted version of DragonBall Xenoverse2 's shaders.

    It's about replace the green effect of using DBxv1 's shader on Dbxv2 objects and textures.

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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just Unzip.

    if there is a exception, try to install the Microsoft c++ redistribuables for VisualStudio 2013 Update 5.


  • event_noteChangelog

    -Version 2.1.0:

    -make order on blendindice and blendWeight , by having the cause of the inversion (bigEndian on blendIndice).

    -remove trouble on missing emb, dyt.emb or emm -remove trouble to have to EmdSubemesh with the same name (from SaintSeya charac emo)


    -Version 2.0.5:

    -FULLSCREEN (echap or contextMenu or F11 to return back to normal)

    -xxx.dyt.emb is not yet necessary (not resolve all cases because some emo don't have emb at all. just clone and rename a emb to solve a problem temporaly).

    -someone use material name in a different case sensitive. apparemently, the game accept that, so now xenoviewer do it also.

    - better on material/shader (not solve all materials bugs on emo/nsk, stage/skill/vfx)

    - in preview's contextMenu, add Material -> ColorRGB, material -> ColorAlpha (to better begug emo vertexColor)- in preview's contextMenu, add Material -> ColorRGB, material -> ColorAlpha (to better begug emo vertexColor)



    -Version 2.0.4:

    Add some kind of Node Animations to use Ean from Ema file (see EmaEan tool). To use them, please put emd on esk, like usual skinning's animations.

    Notice: some Emd (from Emo) have trouble with some material, if you don't see anything , try to use :  right click -> Material -> White. It could help you on lots of skills, stages, vfx. It's on Todo list to deal with more material/shaders parameters. Notice to do that after link emd and esk (there is a rebuild of objects on this operation).


    -Version 2.0.3:

    For scd, I have to animate scd.esk bones on esk in ean initial position (to put the hair on the head).

    But, some experts talk about modified ean with scale (to adapt animation to a skin to bigger/taller/smaller charact), they say it break this kind of  character. As in game it's work, I found a solution : Skinning/binding step is done (to link bone and vertex) by the scd.esk inital position. And, I put initial position for animation by matching bones with the body esk. So we could keep animations from ean as a relative informations, as previous version of Xenoviewer, and solve the problem.

    CONCRETLY, NOW, you have to drag scd.esk on body esk, to do the link. (and as usual drag scd.emd on scd.esk).


    Some people ask me to use face animation in the same time as body animation, so it's done. To do that, you have to rightclick on a face animation, and select "Play second Animation". Notice: Sorry for the position of the contextMenu, I didn't find why it's not on the right place (and make me crazy about the waste of time).


    add some missing stuff for material of some emo and nsk (not all is work for now).



    -Version 2.0.2b :

    bug in upload from me or VGM bug or both. (Sorry).

    -Version 2.0.2 :

    Solve scd positionning (raddiz hair and skirt) !!!! So , you could add xxx_scd.esk, and xxx_scd.emd on the xxx_scd.esk.

    (Notice: some scd still have some trouble with xenoviewer material's gesture, because Dario focus on characters. please wait some corrections)

    Solve Picoloo's arms for some attack !!!!!!

    Put the manually corrected adam_shader by default.

    Light positionning (context menu).

    Camera fast positionning (Context Menu).

    Reactive Symetry solved (desactivate for debug).


    -Version 2.0.1 : Add a adam_shader version manually corrected for charac (solve the light problem temporaly)

    if you are used to write some shader you could take a look on this post, and may be help to solve the problem for all others shaders.


    -Version 2.0.0: Please consider this version as a alpha.

    There is a problem on light (to shiny), and not all scheduled formats work (emo , nsk come soon).

    For the light problem, after past one day on that, I will give up for now and make a post on the forum to try to have some help on that. I have learn a lot on basics of Dbvx2's shaders, and I can explain to someone try to find the problem, else, i will come back later.

    Please give me feedback on this (strange color, strange animation (notice: I know for picollo's arms), ... ).



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