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    Mirror when VGM don't want to download

    XenoXmlConverter could convert some binary file into Xml and vis-versa.

    The format supported are emd, esk, ean, nsk, emm, sds, aur.

    Notice: others formats was supported by Eternity tool genser. take a look.


    This is for you to better understand files, and modify more easier than modify binary files.

    As example, with esk file, you could see position rotation and scale of all bone. oredred by hierarchy of the skeleton.


    All knowed values have a understandable name. but there still some unknow values. So you could continue to search what this values is for, if you want.

    Notice: all values beginning by "0x" is a hexadecimal values, in the right order about octets (not the case in file).

    The Tool work with lot of files you could drag and drop on the exe (limitation about window number of char for one comand).



    Git repo

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just dezzip on a folder where the path NOT CONTAIN SPACES.


    if it's don't work by double clicking, please install the Microsoft redistribuable Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 (or 5)

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 2.2.1:

    -add .obl file

    Version 2.2.0:

    -add Havok conversion.

    -map file are lighter by making CollisionGeometry part as a emd (but it's just visual of havok files in the same group. The real hitbox/collision are in havok)

    -convert cam.ean in a different way for better editing (and add Roll and focal channel (Fov in degrees)). also Rotation in this case is camera's target position.

    -add scd as a alpha.

    -add ema for debug (can't be rebuilded)

    -could use "path with space" -the End or applications are normalized : by default, it's WaitOnError, but with options/shortcut you can change this. -increase the float precision. -resolve extension in UpperCase.

    -for ean :correction about keyframes (have the last keyframe on duration-1, on 0 and reorder the keyframe by time)


    version 2.1.9a :

    Still a Alpha. But now, the game don't crash on a rebuilded file (if it's crash on one file (wihtout modifications) give me that name in comment please).

    Also, there is alpha version for Spm (rebuild all bytes as previous , same if there is a unknow part we don't have its size). all names of parameter are "unk_xxx" but I allready done a pass on it. I finish map file , and I will finish spm just after.


    version 2.1.8a :

    Alpha implementation for map files (tag fmp).

    It's a alpha, so it could not work, names could be wrong (but they are logic). it's more for people testing with me and learning about map possibilities.

    Few things to consider, for not crash directly :

    -You MUST have to have the same number of VirtualSubPart (in Object) as the number of Hitbox (in HitboxGroup).

    -remove some havokFile could crash the game, may be because it's referenced somewhere, may be on scripting.

    -for the settings, Section1 and Section2,  I don't found yet a direct link. but , Section1 and Section2 sound for Scripting informations. ItemType sound for objects. So we have to look on unknow.

    -the transformIndex should be in the count of transform.


    version 2.1.7 : Thank to Lazybone, we have done a lot on Effects Files : Eepk, Emp, Etr, Ecf, Bsa.

    XenoXmlConverter only take care of Etr.

    I also add Coments with Index for Ean and Emm, because Effect and others config file use Id.

    version 2.1.6 :

    -I add a Pause at the end, because, when people drag and drop a file on the tool, the tool close the window at the end, so some people didn't see if there is some errors, and just ask in forum why there isn't a new file.

    -resolve a copy/paste bug on color on reading Xml (useful for emo).



    -version 2.1.5 : add .mat.ema files witch is animation for material.

    ex: for Kienzan, Kez_Crg witch is charging Effect, you could modify : -MatCol0 witch multiply the diffuse color

    -MatCol1 witch is a multiply on the result (by default alpha is 0 in emm)

    -TexScrl0 a offset for the texture display, witch give the rotation effect, from center to outside circle.

    there is also TexScrl1 witch could be animate. None others emm parameter are in any *.mat.ema, just that 4.

    Notice : you have to allow animationChannel into the emm if you add a animation of a parameter :

    <EMMParameter name="AnimationChannel" type="UInt" value="196610" />

    you could have the values : 1, 2, 65536, 65537, 65538, 65539, 196608, 196610, 196611

    it's just if you put in binary display:


    196611 => 110000000000000011

    The first (left to right) bit is for allow TexScrl1, the next for TexScrl0. the just before the last if to allow MatCol1 , and the last for MatCol0.



    -version 2.1.4 : fix the extensions trouble (xxx.yyy.emd.xml now work).

    -version 2.1.3 : Thank to Komodo, bug on textureCoordonnate V fixed.

    -version 2.1.2 : Thank to Eternity, having a better AurXml.

    -version 2.1.1 b : it's was the debug exe, not the release (with classic redistribuables). Sorry.


    -version 2.1.1 :

    Thank to Mugen code, AUR are know well know about the structur. Some IdEffects aren't linked to others game's file yet , but you cant mix effect.

    ex: You could put red aura only on BoostLoop on the first blue aura, by using "0x5B" idEffect.



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