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    A Mysterious Fighter Joins the Fight

    Welcome to the fight, a woman without equal. The true heir to the demon realm's throne, daughter of Dabura!

    This is an OC mod for my character Xiira, made out of passion and to help promote my (now dead) webcomic. (See info on my Deviantart) This mod would not be possible if it wasn't for all the people who helped me along the way, I appreciate every one of them for helping this character come to life!


    Xiira comes equipped with her own custom moveset (courtesy of ChaosBeat with help from Negi) based on Cell's.

    Xiira also has her own special version of a Spirit Bomb (courtesy of Nishi).

    Xiira's hair is a modification of a standard HUF hair with bits from Tryzick's Cloud Hair.

    And of course, her own voice set! (courtesy of Negi, who was super helpful in the creation of Xiira!)


    Note: Demon Goddess Xiira uses some of the UI stuff, so she can be a bit OP at times and others she can be very easily beaten xD


    Credits for helping create this mod goes to - Negi (Big Thanks!), Draconis, Curtis, ChaosBeat, Nishi, DKAT and all the people who helped me in the discord chatroom!




  • speaker_notes Installation

    Standard mod installation, Demon Goddess optional, Dark Spirit Bomb should install automatically, if not install it as well.

  • event_note Changelog

    Posted with the wrong version of Xiira, sorry! >_<