[XV1] MAF Super Buu Outfit / Sword Skills / Zigzag Express

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    Every item replaces Majin Buu's clothing for female Majin.

    I believe it works with Xenoverse 2, but there is already a colorable x2m version, with more items:



    My optional custom_skill.cus enables the following skills:

    Trunks' Burning Slash and Shining Slash for all races

    Zigzag Express for female Majin


  • speaker_notes Installation

    pack teh files into your data2 as usual

  • event_note Changelog
    • V2  removed old stuff, added new stuff ...
    • V3 aligned skinning on the bra with xenoverse 1 lower body, it should fix the gaps when used with outher items. but version 2 may still be better if used only with the pants. both versions are included

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