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    This mod does NOT include the DLC version of Android 13! In order to use this mod, you NEED DLC5 installed for your Xenoverse 2!

    "Howdy, I'm Android 13! Look at my Trucker Hat!"

    So here's a little fun mod I made for the heck of it. I know a lot of us were disappointed when our favourite Hillbilly, Android 13 was released as DLC for Xenoverse 2... without his Trucker Hat.

    This is a fairly simple mod to make in the first place, but I figured I'd do it anyway. The hat replaces his old G13_000_hair_scd files with the new, improved, ones.

    Now while this is a fairly easy mod to make, I would appreciate if you were to ask for permission BEFORE using it for one of your mods. If you want to apply your Shader mod to it, I'll happily include it as an alternative version for future updates on this mod.

    Potential updates in the future:

    -More Shader Choices (H-Graphics, Anime Shading, Etc.). -Battle Portrait w/ Trucker Hat -Added Slot (If possible)

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    1.0 - Initial Release