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    After weeks of work and waiting, i've decided to release my Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project Mod Pack.

    Current version: 1.6.3

    !! Comparision sheets so far provided by ChaosBeatComparision Sheets (Old now)!!

    Huge thanks to RazeDevastator for helping me through the latest update!!

    Please, let me know of any bugs if there are any!

    ATTENTION! Revamp Xenoverse 2 contains a new .x2m called "Revamp Xenoverse 2 - CSS test" which requires you to install it before everything else, such as .x2ms characters or else it will break the CSS roster, be aware. It is a test that we're doing to change the portraits in the CSS roster and it will be fully complete in the 2.0.0 version. We're looking for a solution in order to avoid breaking the CSS roster.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    A FUTURE UPDATE WILL BE POSSIBLY THE LAST AND HUGE UPDATE, 2.0.0 TO COMPLETE THE REVAMP XENOVERSE 2 PROJECT! It'll contain so many other features such as movesets revamp, textures revamp, portraits revamp, audio and music revamp, story mode revamp and even a new intro!

    This mod pack essentially serves on the purpose of functioning mainly as an opportunity given to myself to improve the existent models used in the Xenoverse 2 game and as a Modder Resource, as people will be free to use my assets with only one condition: credit the creator and those who assisted in the making of this revamp pack. Everyone is free to use the models from the pack for the user's own use and anything the user would like to edit for its mods as long as they credit me for using my models as base for their mods.

    Example: Let's say you want to make a Mecha Frieza using my Final Form Frieza's models. You're free to do so and you can public it, but the only thing i'd like to have is to be credited.

    It's a .x2m replacer type that contains the files to put in the data folders, you will simply have to install it like any other .x2m mod via XVINS. It puts in-game my edits and replaces the existent models in the game. This pack is replacer-only. For added characters, there will be Add-Ons.

    Although there are two issues that will have to do with those who have a custom shader installed or those who already have any mod that modifies anything regarding in-roster character

    1.  It is compatible with custom shaders such as H-Graphics, but some of the files have their own .dyt textures like Super Saiyan Rage Trunks' hair. You will have to put the H-Graphics textures yourself.
    2. I suggest installing this mod first, then any other mod that replaces the textures for custom shaders.
    3. If you want to delete models or characters files that you do not desire, simply look for the characters folders using AnimeGameMods's character code list and delete the files from my .x2m.

    As the name itself says, Revamp XV2: I will be adding most of the possible additional missing characters in the game such as Frieza (Second Form), Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) and many others characters. I thought i'd give myself the opportunity of give the game the characters that haven't had a chance of making an appearance in the game. They will be of course, added characters via x2m, and will be called Revamp XV2 Add-On. They will be published in separate mod pages. So, expect a lot of characters incoming!

    This mod now has an extra .x2m file called "Revamp Xenoverse 2 Pack - Extra"! This extra at the moment includes new Super Saiyan 3 eyes files for Gotenks and GT Goku.

    Known bugs:

    • LOD eyes will change the color of their eyes sclera completely when far away from mentors.


    • RazeDevastator (Cutscenes edits, eyes-textures-models, pudding problem issue fix, japanese quotes in english dub for Goku Black Rosè, scouter colors)
    • OniFox (Normals editing on Frieza Race Members, C-13's Trucket Hat, Meta Cooler's textures)
    • DARKin (Cell, Android 17 and 18 partly models, Cell, SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta's textures)
    • ChaosBeat (New pupils textures, proper God Punisher skill)
    • Andrew3934 (Main textures)
    • Negi Springfield (Audio)
    • SilverStriker525 (Broly's moveset)
    • DemonBoy (Demigra Battle Start Quotes)
    • Ultimos/Charizard/VaiJack/BoxBack/Wubber/Segoe/Gecko03/Emeracks/Vosef (Portrait and textures, like SSB Goku's portrait)
    • LittleGreenDende (Movesets SOON)


    Twitter: Goketer HighCeiling's Twitter You will find a lot of comparision pics from this pack and in the imgur link above.

    Time Patroller Server Discord Linkdiscord.gg/kAhXmcp 

    Goketer's Server Discord Link: discord.gg/VuAfPEF

    Work in Progress pictures and spicy updates in both servers on my mods.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Like any usual X2m, via Installer XVINS.

  • event_note Changelog
    • Version 1.0.0: Release
    • Version 1.1.0: Update 1
    • Version 1.2.0: Update 2
    • Version 1.2.1: Mini Update 1
    • Version 1.3.0: Update 3
    • Version 1.3.1: Mini Update 2
    • Version 1.4.0: Update 4
    • Version 1.5.0: Update 5
    • Version 1.5.1: Mini Update 3
    • Version 1.5.2: Mini Update 4
    • Version 1.6.0: Update 6
    • Version 1.6.1.: Mini Update 5
    • Version 1.6.2.: Mini Update 6
    • Version 1.6.3: Mini Update 7
    • More Updates to be announced

    changelog.txt in the .rar, it contains a list of all the previous updates.

    Mini Update 7: - Added Changelog.txt - Removed chara01.emb and GGK.emb - Added new .x2m called "Revamp Xenoverse 2 - CSS Portrait Test" READ THE README.TXT BEFORE INSTALLING THAT ONE

    (Please, unistall your previous update before installing the new update!)

    Current updates planned:

    • Burter and many other characters models adjustements/bonescale/accurate in future.
    • Revamp movesets for in-roster characters
    • Revamp skills/characters/costumes naming
    • Revamp audio bugs and audio voices
    • Revamp animations

    If you'd like to contribute or help out or report bugs onto the Revamp XV2 Project, please DM me on Discord: Goketer#0909. I will surely appreciate your contribution to the project!