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    1. Edit character's - name - race - level - experience points - attributes - skills (for each preset) - current mentor and training level/exp ...
    2. Set score and rank for all quests: - Main Story - Parallel quests - Mentor quests - Side Quests (Guru's house, Capsule Corporation, Great Saiyaman Justice Partrols, Frieza's spaceship, Awakenings) - Advancement tests - Expert missions - Challenge quests - Raid quests - Frieza's Siege Event
    3. Set locked/unlocked status for all skills. - Super attacks - Ultimate attacks - Evasive skills - Awoken skills
    4. Edit items (Inventory) - Upper body - Lower body - Hand - Feet - Accessory - Super soul - Mixing items and food - Important objects - Capsules - QQ Bangs
    5. Edit Play Data: - Edit Play Trends and Base Activity

    Supported platforms:

    • PC Only


    • installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.5)

    DLC 7/v1.10

    Next update will support Hero Colosseum customization

    Remember always to update the tool

    Please do NOT reupload the tool and stop distribute old versions.

    Created by  becks7


    Credits: - Eternity for xv2savdec

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    • Run XV2 Save Editor, then File > Open
    • Select DBXV2.sav
    • After making your changes, save your file
    • Run the game and enjoy


    If you have installed new/extra skills with x2m, do the following:

    • Open sup.xml (if you added super attacks) or ult.xml (if you added ultimate attacks) or eva.xml (if you added evasive skills) with notepad++/notepad
    • At the bottom of the file add your new skill (its name and its ID) (Add it BEFORE (No Skill) node) See the image at the top of the page
    • Now when you open the tool you will see your new skills at the bottom of the list
  • event_noteChangelog
    - Support for DLC 7.00/v1.10
    - The tool now decrypts automatically the save game (no need to drag and drop it)
    - Ability to import and export all 8 CACs between save files (You can now exchange CACs with your friends!)
    - Editing Tokipedia progress
    - Editing Conton City Hero Statue
    - Major bugfixing


    version 0.7.5

    - Minor bugfixing


    version 0.7.4

    - Fixed starting outfit bug

    - Added support for DLC 6.00/v1.09

    - Added more customizations to quest editing

    - Added auto-backup savegame functionality

    - Fixed max friendship bug

    - Other bugfixing ...


    version 0.7.1

    - Added option to edit master progress/friendship

    - Added option to edit training level and training xp

    - Bugfixing ...


    version 0.7

    - Added support for DLC 5.00/v1.08

    - Fixed training level bug

    - Fixed QQ bangs sorting list

    - Fixed ultimate finish conditions when clearing PQ

    - Other bugfixing ...


    version 0.6.5

    - Fixed current clothing removal bug - Added option to edit Play Data


    version 0.6.1

    - Added option to edit current mentor - Fixed Distorted Eggs issue


    version 0.6

    - Added option to set Experience points based on level - Added option to edit Experience points - bugfixing


    version 0.5.5

    - Fixed skills unlocking bug

    - Added support for Added/Extra skills (including x2m)

    - Fixed "all cleared" bug for quests



    - bugfixing


    version 0.5.1

    - Fixed capsules, mixing items and food issue

    - Fixed presets sorting issue


    version 0.5.

    - First public version

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