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    A tool used to edit, create, and share XV2 Super Souls.

    I saw that ZSoulTool 2 wasn't likely to be updated anymore, so I grabbed Mugen's ZSoulTool source and decided to try my hand at making my own up do date soul editor.


    -Edit just about every possible part of the super souls.

    -Support for Limit Bursts

    -Added quite a few new Effects and Activators that I found while toying with super souls.

    -Export/import souls to share with friends.

    -Search bar for quickly finding super souls

    -Support for creating all new Limit Bursts

    -Support for batch exporting super souls as well as limit bursts for each.

    -Now works with LazyBone's transformations mod installed

    I'd like to thank MugenAttack for having his source code available to use and Adonix for the inspiration to try making my own tool. Extra thanks to Lazybone & Unleashed for helping out with a lot of these new additions.


    Please report any issues you might have when using the tool.

    A very early list with some more detailed info on how to use certain effects and activators is being made.


    if you would like to help add to or correct some info maybe try contackting me.

    I can most easily be found in this discord server if you require help or more info on how to use the editor https://discord.gg/UK8AJH6

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Install the XV2 Patcher. this is required and will not work without it
    2. Start the program and create souls.
    3. save your edits and start the game with the XV2 Patcher active
  • event_note Changelog

    1.20 - Fixed a huge error with the message code that would mess up the msg entry names for the souls. As a result I had to disable Switch support for now, but I'll try to get it working again soon.

    1.20a - Updated and added about 15 new Effects to use. these include activating/nullifying certain status ailments and changing damage taken/received from all or certain skill types.

    1.30 - Updated the names of some Effects and Activators that hopefully makes them a bit easier to understand. Tool will now auto load the correct files from the game directory after you set it. If the files are not already in the data folder then the tool will read the files from the cpk.

    Fixed bug that caused errors when trying to edit the name/description of a super soul with different name and description IDs. (Thanks lazybone)

    1.40 - Updated for some of the new effects and activators added in XV2 1.13 new search bar added, support for creation of custom Limit bursts, Batch export feature added, and various typos and small bug fixes to hopefully better user experience.

    1.41 - various bug fixes

    1.42 - another bug fix

    1.50 - updated UI to hopefully make things easier to use. added ability to change super souls to use one of the 5 basic limit bursts (found under limit burst options). added option to add or remove the current super soul to the item shop (found under super soul options). fixed bug with quotation marks in names and descriptions and a bug where some text boxes weren't saving.

    1.51 - fixed a bug where Super Soul IDs were not assigned properly when creating/adding a new Super Soul. Added and renamed Some Activation Method names to hopefully make them easier to understand.

    1.61 - Added "Copy Super Soul to clipboard and paste as new Super Soul". Added "Create new Super Soul (as Limit Burst)". Added the ability to create new Limit Burst MSG entries for an existing Super Soul. Fixed MSG de-sync issue.

    1.7 - Removed "Limit Burst Options" toolbar selection and replaced it with the new "Limit Burst Quick Change" drop down box on the Super Soul Details tab. Changed the "Aura" and "Unknown" boxes that used to be on the Basic and Effect Details Tabs to more accurately define what they are used for. New effect types added (some that were previously shown as "???") and some effect names changed to hopefully better help understand what they are.

    1.71 - Small fix that re-adds the Copy and Paste options in "Super Soul Options" that were in version 1.6 I accidentally removed them in 1.7, sorry.

    1.75 - Re-addded removed feature "Create New Super Soul (For Limit Burst)" found under "Super Soul Options" - Removed IDs from view of the "Limit Burst Color", "Ki Blast Type", "Target", and "EEPK to Use" dropboxes. - Added EffectData.xml internally and removed the uneeded external copy. (The external copy can still be read if present inside the same directory as the exe.) - Updated and renamed some values in the EffectData.xml. Older versions will not work anymore. - Basic other small UI changes.

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