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    This is a tool for converting some XV2 file formats into an XML to allow for easy editing, and then converting back to binary format. Just drag the file onto the executable.

    Currently supported formats are: eepk, emp, ecf, bsa, bdm, qxd, qed, qml, qsl, qbt, ers, bev, tsd, tnl, qsf, bas, bpe, bai, aig, ata, psa, lcp, dem, dse, dml, cns, acb, sav, tdb, bcm.


    Emp & Ecf Editing:

    For convenience, you can just drag an extracted emb folder onto the executable and it will then convert any emp and ecf XMLs within it to binary format, and repack the emb in one go. For this to work, make sure you have the latest EmbPack.

    EMP Tutorial

    ECF Tutorial

    EEPK Tutorial



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Requirements: .NET Framework 4.6.1

  • event_note Changelog


    • Updated DEM support.
    • Hierarchical BCM support added

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