Yamcha DBS (Kaioken)

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    So Yamcha did RIP again after some mods disappeared from the server, but he is back again after summoning Shenron lol.

    Here you have a serious Yamcha mod. He deserves some love. lol This Yamcha is a mixture between DBS and DBZ. In fact, it was an idea by my friend Duke. He showed me some a fanart and I decided to make it. The result was really nice and a fresh mod

    SLOT1 Base (Kaioken transformable) Yamcha voice KAIOKEN!!!!

    SLOT 2 Kaioken (reddish shading)

    Thanks to my beloved bro Infinite Chaos for the skills!

    Thanks SLO too for the hilarious showcase!

    Note: Install Azura's aura or you will ruin the shading of the mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Latest eternity patcher and installer

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  • Uploaderzitro
  • ModderZitro & Infinite Chaos
  • Version1.0 release
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  • UpdatedJan 25, 2020
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