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    This tool helps with editting BAC files for Xenoverse 2, which are responsible for various actions in a moveset and skill, such as animations, hitboxes, effects, sound, and more.

    This is not a guide on what each entry means.  This is just a tool to make editing them easier.  For a more comprehensive guide to that, please refer to the Skill/Moveset Editing Manual

    Features include:

    • Copying/Pasting/Adding/Deleting entries
    • Smart pasting for items like EAN Indexes that are not the same between two movesets/skills
    • Find/Replace entries by value
    • Shared clipboard between different instances of the BAC organizer
    • Convert Skills for use with the XV2 Skill Creator by Eternity easily


    • Eternity - Genser source code helped with the nitty gritty technical bits of the BAC file structure.
    • Smithers,LazyBones, & Jackal - For the Skill/Moveset guide and the research into what each BAC entry field does.
    • SK for the BAC Moveset Info file

    Issues/Bug Reports

    Please report any bugs/issues to

  • event_note Changelog

    0.1.0 - Initial Release

    0.1.1 - Fixed bug saving after changing Projectile data, Fixed bug loading Transparency data.  Fixed bug with Smart Paste not showing enough changes sometimes.

    0.1.2 - Fixed floating point entries not being able to go negative

    0.1.3 - Fixed bug on certain BAC files where when they don't have a BAC Entry 0, would not be able to read the file.

    0.1.4 - Fixed visual bug with deleting BAC entries

    0.1.5 - Fixed paste being broken.

    0.1.6 - Fixed Part Invisibility not working

    0.1.7 - Fixed deleting the wrong entries, fixed pasting entries with projectiles, fixed error when changing entry flags

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