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    This tool is here to help out with creating and modifying BCMs. In addition to giving a more organized look into what the various entries do, it can also

    • Copy, Delete, and Paste entries
    • Copy an entry and its children in full and add them all elsewhere while preserving its hierarchy
    • Clipboard can be shared between multiple instances to allow easy copying/pasting between different BCM's
    • Automatically reindexes for the OCD
    • Easy link to the BCM section of the Skill/Moveset guide for more explanation on the various thing


    • DemonBoy - Idea and testing
    • Eternity - Genser source code helped with the nitty gritty technical bits of the BCM file structure.
    • Smithers & LazyBones - For the Skill/Moveset guide and the research into what each BCM entry field does.

    Issues/Bug Reports

    Please report any bugs/issues to

  • event_noteChangelog

    See changelog at

    Latest Changes:


    • Fixed entry not being saved and corrupting BCM
    • Improved copy performance for large number of entries


    • Add automatic backup creation when saving (saves to .backup folder)


    • Improved editing performance with very large BCM's, fixed child/sibling indexes cutting off at 32767

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