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    0.3.0 is here with the ability to edit ESK files, as well as changing individual bones

    This tool to help edit an ean file for Xenoverse, among the features are:

    • Copying animations (and associated bones) and Insert/Append/Paste them
    • Change the duration of animations
    • Add an offset, rotation, and scale to animations and skeletons
    • Filter on what bones are allowed to be edited.
    • Changing camera target focus point for cam.ean files
    • Copy/delete/rename bones from EAN and ESK skeletons
    • Trim/mirror/reverse animations
    • Remove keyframes from animations filtered on bones

    See the readme for usage.

    Please report any issues encountered when using this tool


    • Dario and Olganix for LibXenoverse which parts were ported and changed to Python

    Issues/Bug Reports

    Please report any bugs/issues to


  • event_noteChangelog

    See changelog at


    • Add automatic backup creation when saving (saves to .backup folder)


    • Add mirror animations function
    • Add reverse animations function

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