Yet another Edited PQ (Ultimate Rivalry + A Fateful Fight with a Deity! + Timespace Tussle

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    Here we are, yet another edited PQ of my 3 most favorited PQ of all time, that I did to make it more better, and more fun.


    Ultimate Rivalry: Changes 1: Replaced SSJ3 Goku, and SSJ2 Vegeta with Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta

    Changes 2: Increased enemies amount of health

    Changes 3: SSGSS Goku and Vegeta now have a huge amount of health



    You can now choose difficulties, Hard Mode, and Extremely Hard Mode. Hard Mode is when enemies damage is now reduced to 9000 HPs, special thanks to Projekt Wolf for the tips for HPs, hope you guys have fun!


    A Fateful Fight with a Diety:

    Changes 1: Changes stages of West City Ruins - Future in Ruins

    Changes 2: Zamasu and Rose Goku Black now have huge amount of health at Ultimate Finish


    Timespace Tussle:

    Changes: All enemies health has increased


    DLC 3, and 10 is recommended, except for Ultimate Rivalry

    Hope you guys have fun


    Also a shout out in the pictures to

    revampedteamxv2: revamp-xenoverse-2-project-main


    Deez Aura Only: SSG/SSB Dual Pack! Super Saiyan Rose

    alfq: Casual Saiyan Female Clothes 2

    NieOrginalny: Spats-B-Gone

    Pathos: Anime Shading

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    You can now choose difficulties Hard Mode, and Extremely Hard Mode