Yet Another Transformable Tail

  • descriptionDescription

    Includes: Yet Another Transformable Tail (FunForDiego's tail mod made into X2M & Accessory)

    Transformable Tail X2M (Attaches to Face_Ear files, always on Humans & Saiyans)

    Transformable Tail Accessory (Available for Humans & Saiyans)

    Normal X2M Method

    Please Give Feedback/Any Problems With Mod


    Lazybones Compatibility Note: Yet Another Transformable Tail is compatible with Lazybones mod, installing Tail Animations via NewTransformationsInstaller.exe is compatible

    Moveset Note: As with FunForDiego's previous tail mod, you'll want to install this mod first, then install/re-install your moveset (Author of moveset must have tail support or tail will not function correctly)

    Tail Mods Note: It's best you have only one tail mod installed, don't install both X2M & Accessory versions

    Transformation Note: As with all tail accessory mods, tail accessory will only transform with BCS colors via Skillcreate (If there's a solution to have tail accessory use dyt colors upon transformation, PLEASE comment below or message me on Discord: Sportiax#2067)

    Shop & Equipment Menu Note: Color will flicker in shop & equipment menus, tail will still match base form hair color in Conton City

    Equipment Issue Note: If you have an issue with the tail that causes your CaC to sink/glitch through the floor, go to equipment menu & change equipment, return to lobby, then change it back.

    Original Credit: FunForDiego is the original creator

    Discord: Join use in Xenoverse 2 Modding Community's Discord Server The Citadel

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Normal X2M Method

    Transformable Tail (X2M) will immediately show up on CaC

    Transformable Tail (Accessory) will be available in Skill Shop

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 - Initial Release

    1.1 - Added Akira's/Death_Aflame's Tutorial Change DYT Colors for Transformable Tail (X2M)