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    This is my first mod. All I did was create CaCs to resemble listed characters and gave them movesets according to dbz wiki. Feel free to share it and use it any way you find it fit (as it is not hard to make mod like this by yourself at all). Im currently working on some real mods ( not CaCs) mainly Android 19 and King Kai, im open for sugestions and requests. Also If you dont know how to convert your CaC to X2M I can do it for you if you send me your save game. Also sorry for poor quality screenshots, its because of my screen, and it makes it even worse in windowed mode..

    To Expect:

    1.2 Update on Uub (Outfit changes: New boots for GT Uub, No shoes and armlets for DBZ Uub, Matching Outfit for Maji Uub and also more muscular) By: April 3rd

    1.3 Thumbnails For Android 13 and Uub  By: April 8

    1.4 Zangya and Bido Update (Spikey Ears, Hair Fix for Bido)

    Final: Thumbnails for Zangya and Bido


    Incoming Mod Pack: Fasha, Android 15 & 14, Sauzer, Yamu and King Cold

    I've abandoned King Kai project, and Android 19 has been delayed due to some technical difficulties. (Same problem with android 15 but it should be fixed soon)

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    Standard X2M

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    1.1 Updated aura: Bido, Android 13 are now red and Zangya is green

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