Zen-Oh Silencer (MUTE Zen-Oh in ToP Free Battle)

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    This is a super simple mod that I've been hearing a lot of requests for...

    Much like the inspired mod that made Bulma quiet down about the Hero Colosseum, this mod will MUTE both Zen-Oh and Zen-Oh (Future) during their on-screen commentary in the middle of your battle. Their text will still appear for you to read if you want.

    Now you can enjoy your epic battles in peace without the shrill voices of two child-like, omnipotent entities ringing through the air. LOL


    Courtesy of Eternity himself, this method can also be used in order to prevent the Zen-Ohs from speaking OR showing up altogether.

    ETERNITY: To fully remove the event (text included), without the need of any sound/text files modification, paste the following text in a new xml file (give it any name), and save it under data/XV2PATCHER/EPatches folder. Just make sure to remove the file if there is a game+patcher update, as it may not be compatible with future updates.

    The text to paste: https://pastebin.com/iGZBCDmW


    This mod provides that file for you and you can just drag it into your XV2PATCHER folder.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Installs as an X2M with the latest XV2 Installer tool.

    Eternity's method (which removes Zen-Oh's portrait, text, AND audio) is explained in the Readme_INSTRUCTIONS.txt file that comes with the mod. A few simple steps will remove Zen-Oh entirely.

  • event_note Changelog


    Initial release



    Added a drag-and-drop option for Eternity's method of stopping the Zen-Oh text prompts and voice altogether.


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