Zero Mortals Plan (What If Saga)

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    Experience the Zero Mortals Plan with a new twist of fusion. Watch the warriors showcasing their Super Saiyan forms and then powering themselves up to their very known Super God Forms.

    Witness the ZERO MORTALS PLAN (What-If Saga) with the extremely missed fusion. Yes, you got it right!!!......No Potara...................The Fusion Dance is on the move baby!

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    Thanks to the modders mentioned below. Their help and permissions to the use of some assets helped me complete this mod pack.

    ~ Re:_try

    ~ Feraz

    ~ MATHEU


    Music Credits And Links:

    ~Deathknell~ ~Link To the song "Defining Death"~

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    x2m installation

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 (Release)

    • Vegeta Black has been updated after the showcase video was made.
    • Please refer to the read me file, you can add the purple colored ki blade for Future Zamasu

    update on next releases:

    • Resurrection G pack - Sequel  pack for Zero mortals plan (Bonus character is already included in the file- Goku Black resurrection G)
    • Fusion Wars 2 - Sequel pack for Fusion Wars Chapter 1