ZMS (Zamasu) Moveset for Female CaCs, with Tails, SSJ3, and Dual Ultimates

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    Hey all,

    I've always loved Zamasu's grab animation, therefore I decided to steal his entire moveset.

    This comes in 2 versions, a Personalized one, where I replaced his goofy run and fly animations with something more tolerable; and an Original version, where his goofy animations are kept in place, for those who wants to roleplay as a goofy god.

    The installation is a bit complicated this time around, though, but only if you want to use it for non-saiyan characters, or if you have Lazybone's New Transformations installed (Or any other mod that may modify data/system/vfx_spec.ers). If you don't (an extremely rare case, I know), and you want to use it for your Female Saiyans, I've also made a "Drag and Drop" method for quick and easy installation.

    If there's any bug, feel free to comment below, I'll try to sort it out as soon as I can.

    ENJOY! :)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use the Drag and Drop method if you DON'T have Lazybone's New Transformations (Or any other mod that may modify data/system/vfx_spec.ers) installed AND you only want to use this moveset for Female Saiyans.

    If you DO have Lazybone's New Transformations (Or any other mod that may modify data/system/vfx_spec.ers), or if you want to use this moveset for some other races, I've included an instructions note. Please follow the guide to correctly install the moveset.

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