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Ascended Saiyan Transforming CAC Armour

Hey folks! its been a long wait but finally! the ascended saiyan transformation is here! well I guess in my videos case I made it ASCENDED ROSE but… yeah you get the idea! This will replace the Pilot Suit. After re-modelling the super form myself over an annoying long process… I was able to make […]

Vegito ascended past SSB/SSGSS

“Vegito¬†ascended past blue god level and reached even futher beyond” this is one of my personal favorite mods i have made I hope u like this mod because i think it looks cool   u can suggest some mods and i will try to make them!!!!!!

SSJ5 Goku (Blazejecar Style)

Credits to HeirTalent for the amazing hair mod.

Recommended Aura: Ultimate Gohan’s White-Blue Aura