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Completely new aura mini pack

Disclaimer: IF YOU USE MY MOD GIVE CREDIT TO ME AND LINK TO THIS PAGE! ( or link to my youtube video of it) I’ve never released anything quite like this before. there are two completely re-drawn aura’s not from the game one that replaces the base blue aura and one that replaces super saiyan […]

Custom Aura Particle mod PROOF OF CONCEPT!!

see it in action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7XVo6499oQ if you’re gonna use my mod then credit me and link to my download page and my youtube video for it This is a very interesting particle mod for aura’s that I came across last night while trying to improve on the initial aura mod I had made! this […]

Multi-colour Aura

I’ve figured out how to have more than one colour in you’re aura, by using aura editor I’ve fiddled around and given the slot used for characters with no aura….I then put an aura into it for all races feel free to edit your character to use the aura number 12, its hex ID is […]