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Pretty cool mod if you want to have custom auras. Use the DBXV Patcher method : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ayH1xW3Y9E Or, just use the Packing method, bringing the aura file to the Data 2, then data, then system, and replace the original file. Thanks so much to Tryzick for making the awesome DBO hair mod that i am using […]

Young Jee’s Customizable Customs Customized

This mod Adds various customized auras,movesets and the names of a few skills and one z-soul. All changes clearly listed. I had a lot of inspiration from looking at other mods on this site. These Include. *NipunJ / TheXenoverseGod’s Tenkaichi Skillset Pack V3 (1 or 2 skill names might resemble this) *Pafap’s Transformations for frieza race […]

Multi-colour Aura

I’ve figured out how to have more than one colour in you’re aura, by using aura editor I’ve fiddled around and given the slot used for characters with no aura….I then put an aura into it for all races feel free to edit your character to use the aura number 12, its hex ID is […]