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Baby Vegeta (2nd Form)

Baby vegeta (2nd form) replaces Super 17 !

Super Baby Vegeta (Replace Super 17)

Here is my Super Baby Vegeta mod ! it replaces Super 17

it includes name change, new skillset and new portrait !  You can see a video of it HERE 

Baby Vegeta 2nd form (Transformable)

Here is my updated Baby Vegeta 2nd form (once again xD)

It now replaces Super 17 and is TRANSFORMABLE !

Super Baby Vegta (VOICED !)

Here it is guys ! My most updated version of my Baby Vegeta. I’ve worked very hard on this one, I hope you’ll like 🙂 This mods contains : Custom skills VOICE adding Perfect Moveset swap Aura change Custom Skillset It replaces Vegeta SSJ4