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This is another mode by me as super buu or majin buu absorbed by baby make him more evil hope you all like it don’t forget to like ,comment and subscribe for more..

(H-Graphics) Super Baby Trunks (DB Heroes)

Reference to Xan by the base bust: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChdLGQ4pgT9rtHFpYrcBI9g Hello, I would like to know, how you like the mods? comment the option you wish: a) Original graphics DBXV b) H-Graphics c) Ultimate Graphics d) Cel-Shading e) HD-Shading f) Dick? :v

Baby Goten

HEEELLLOOOO This is a quick little mod i was making while trying to finish up Bujin, i really didn’t have the full intention on making the mod so think of this as one of the one-off mods i usually make. ENJOY!

Baby Vegeta (2nd Form)

Baby vegeta (2nd form) replaces Super 17 !

Super Baby Vegeta (Replace Super 17)

Here is my Super Baby Vegeta mod ! it replaces Super 17

it includes name change, new skillset and new portrait !  You can see a video of it HERE 

Baby Vegeta 2nd form (Transformable)

Here is my updated Baby Vegeta 2nd form (once again xD)

It now replaces Super 17 and is TRANSFORMABLE !

Super Baby Vegta (VOICED !)

Here it is guys ! My most updated version of my Baby Vegeta. I’ve worked very hard on this one, I hope you’ll like 🙂 This mods contains : Custom skills VOICE adding Perfect Moveset swap Aura change Custom Skillset It replaces Vegeta SSJ4