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Demon god bardock

demon god bardock into ssj god white

Bardock Whis Armor (SSJB included)

Whis Armor Bardock replaces the 1st slot also includes SSJB, if you don’t want SSJB added simply don’t select the face and hair files.

Barku (Goku and Bardock fusion)

Nothing to say… Just create a new mod with my favourite characters   Watch the video below In my new Youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAO5KiPBYlU

Bardock Time Breaker Mask for Cac

Hey guys, with the last Version of his Bardock Time Breaker, Sol negro bring us that awesome mask for our cac, and I add the shiny effect to the eyes and symbol so hope you all enjoy this and follow his channel and blog 🙂 http://solnegro-art.blogspot.mx/p/dragon-ball-xenoverse-mods.html https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYMfoANDE4I_LIlamXC4Yig   Note: this accesory replace the nose number […]

Bardoku, Father and Son Fusion

This is just a little mod I did of Bardock and Goku fused with the Potara. I haven’t uploaded a mod before so any feedback would be great!

Tryzick Custom CaC SSJ Pack

Hey folks! after telling you all no so many times when you wanted this hair style I finally decided it was time to let up and give it out so I have put this in to a pack with other forms for you all to enjoy! Preview

God Killer Bardock

After finding out that Beerus was to blame for the destruction of planet vegeta, bardock started training… reaching the SSB form and completly insane bardock left a wake of destruction in his path as he hunted the god of destruction and his allys little did he know that his son was training under whis…   […]

Bardock/Future Gohan’s Scars with SSG pupil vs2

This mod contains Bardock’s face (Eyes Shape and Scar), Future Gohan’s Scar and Goku SSG Transformable Pupils HUM_000_Face_base -> Mouth/Jaw Type 1 (Bardock’s Scar) HUM_000_Face_Forehead -> Eyes Type 1 (Bardock’s Eyes Shape) HUM_001_Face_base -> Mouth/Jaw Type 1 (Future Gohan’s Scar)   Pupils of Goku SSG (transformable) HUM_000_Face_eye -> Pupils Type 1 HUM_001_Face_eye -> Pupils Type […]

Bardock ssj1-3 v2

 a revamp of my bardock mod, adds scars to all faces,bandanas to all hairs, and cel-shaded, really worked hard on this one so please leave some feedback.


What if Bardock and Goku did potara fusion to avenge their race by killing Frieza. Last week, I did a Frieza mod, so Bardock should get one as well.