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Goku super saiyan god of destruction

this is goku super saiyan god of destruction rate and enjoy the mod if there are any bugs let me know  

Yamcha The God Of Destruction

(This is a joke mod.Don’t take it seriously.Don’t take anything in this description seriously besides things that are in these brakets.) There used to be 18 universes.It was told that the Omni King destroyed 6 because he was angry.But what you didn’t know is that he wasn’t angry,it was his master Yamcha that was angry.(Like […]

Beerus Movement Style for CaC Saiyan Male UPDATED

This mod is for a Random mutual request I saw and had I decided to matters into my own hands..   Let me know what you think its a basic mod nothing major. I just love the Nonchalant fighting style and flying style its dope.

Super Saiyan God Vegeta

Recommended Aura: Super Saiyan God Aura (duh xD)
Super Attacks: Big Bang Attack, Final Blow, God Breaker, Maximum Charge
Ultimate Attacks: Final Flash and Super Galick Gun
Evasive Skill: Explosive Wave