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This is a Male edit of Biotear’s mod, the edit now allows you to use Biotear’s gun mod on a male CAC, if you would like to have the Female version please goto: Female Mac-10 Mod Link to Biotear’s page: http://xenoversemods.com/uploader/biotear/ ~ All credit goes to Biotear for putting the mod together and CS:GO for the model itself!! ~ This […]

Pan, Prodigy To The Gods

Well, I’m back with a new mod. This one gives pan an edited version of the Whis Gi as well as custom skills and edited aura. Enjoy

Bulchi (Bulma & Chi-Chi Fusion)

Well, this is what happens when I have too much spare time. Anyway, she replaces all the presets for Android 18 and has custom skill sets too. Enjoy!

Agent Vegeta (Inspired By The Division)

DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE DIVISION! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS! I AM JUST A FAN! This mod is a simple retexture that changes SSGSS Vegeta’s armor to a color scheme inspired by Tom Clancy’s The Division. This mod also makes the character appear in his […]

MAC-10 Accessory for Female Human & Saiyan CaC

THIS MODEL WAS RIPPED FROM COUNTERSTRIKE : GLOBAL OFFENSIVE! I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF CS:GO OR THIS 3D MODEL! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS OF COUNTERSTRIKE : GLOBAL OFFENSIVE! With that disclaimer out of the way, this mod replaces the Ninja Katana with the MAC-10 from the game Counterstike : Global Offensive. […]

Bloody Rose Battle Armor For Female Saiyan & Human

Just a quick mod I made that adds new battle armor for Saiyan and Human Female CaC’s. It replaces the frieza saga vegeta battle armor. Hope you guys enjoy.

Taken Raditz (Destiny Inspired)

*I DO NOT OWN NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE RIGHTS TO DESTINY IN ANYWAY! I’M JUST A FAN WHO WANTED TO SEE RADITZ AS A TAKEN! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!* Well disclaimer out of the way, this mod basically makes Raditz appear as a Taken from the game “Destiny: The […]