God of Destruction (Zoeck)

Hey guys, heres a mod that i was asked to make months ago but i was focusing on my “superman” mod so i didnt have time to but now i do and i did. This god of Destruction is not my own idea, there is a picture out there and it display all 12 G.O.DS […]


Hi, this is my second mod of the day and it is the long-awaited Bido. I don’t much too say but DISCLAIMER!!! His opening camera might be a bit glitched but that could be my shitty laptop that was causing that issue and that is why this mod is in semi-final. Once i fix the […]

The Original Super Saiyan

Hey guys, this is a little mod i made over a month ago and i decided to release it today. It is pretty much the original super saiyan that destroyed the saiyans home planet. It includes his Super Oozaru form and…his base saiyan form. ENJOY and make sure you install everything in the folder. P.S. […]

Jaco The Galactic Patrolman (Universe 6)

HEEEEEY GUYS!, it’s been a whole month since i had uploaded a mod. This is the first mod of many mods that i have that are coming so stay tune. This is the universe 6 version of Jaco ( Jock the patrolman ). I know it’s random but hey at least it’s creative XD ENJOY […]