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Legendary SSJ4 Gogeta! (No, I wont stop!) (Fixed colors)

I found out how to model mod so I made the hair a bit crazier!

Legendary Super Sayin 4 Goku (Time Breaker) With Bandroid17’s shaders

Idk, Just a mod.

Time Breaker Broly Reshaded Based on Xenoverse 2

Just A Retexture For The Mad titan awesome Work Only inculded the .Dyt Files NOTE : Don’t Install this if doesn’t have Time breaker broly mod installed first

LSSJ4 Goku (DBS Edition)

I got requested this a couple of times so I made it!

LSSJ4 GOKU (Taking requests)

Lssj4 Goku is the idea that if Goku (SSJ4) took the power of Broly and went into a new form called Legendary Super Sayin 4! This has a custom moveset and aura. It is my first mod and I will take requests.

Karoly CaC Transforming Hairstyle

A rendering error made the video freeze for about 15 seconds right after the intro… i’m too tired to fix it so… skip to 14 seconds after that for the video 😀 This mod contains a hairstyle in both normal graphics and H-Graphic form, do not try any of my other textures on this hairstyle […]


Now we are 130 !!! motivation helps me keep working on two very interesting mods: Monaka And MAGETTA :3 My channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonioSalvatoreOficial My blog: antoniosalvatorevevo.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

Time Breaker Broly From DBXV2| H Graphics by The Mad Titan

Time Breaker Broly v1 by The Mad Titan If you are going to do a showcase , link my youtube channel and always credit please. Trying to get 1000 subs. my channel link – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIO3jZyk7r9n-t3iMruWmJQ  

Battle of Saiyan Gods

Enjoy!!! If you have any bugs let me know 🙂

Broly ssj4 hair for Cac

This mod is the ssj4 hair of Broly for your Cac