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I found this idea in another mod’s comment section, don’t remember the mod. I liked it, and decided to make it ^^! Hope ya’ll enjoy it! (Comes with the SSGSS aura)

Cell & Cell Jr Outfits ( Humans and Saiyans Only )

Hey Everyone! Here’s another outfit Based from Xenoverse 2.  It can be glitchy on certain stages but works fine.

Kaio Shin’s, Démigra and Cell

Hello! Now… Supreme Kai of Time, Elder Kai, Démigra, Démigra (Final Form) and Imperfect Cell for play Replaces Pan, Buu (Small), Eis Shenron, Broly and Perfect Cell respectively Have custom portrait and voice for battle You can edit the Skills manually, too have suggestions for his Too change the aura of Eis and Broly with […]

Cell animation with tail

This is an update of this mod made by xan. Since the original mod has the goku fighting style in order to make the tails animeted, it result a bit buggy (at least for me), so I decided to fix this. Thanks to the tools (eskorganizer and eanorganizer) made by olganix i was able to add the tail animation to the Cell […]

New Opening for Dragon Ball Xenoverse By Zilver

***IMPORTANTE: Guardar los archivos originales en otra parte como respaldo. IMPORTANT: Save the original files elsewhere as a backup.*** Este mod incluye música clásica del Anime in batallas & misiones This mod includes classical music of the Anime in battles & missions Credits: Opening By Zhilver. Music original of Anime in the game: La música […]

Dragon ball ElseWorld FINAL

welcome to dragon ball elseworld where I have added 8 what if characters Bargeta, Legendary Super Saiyan Demon Broly, Golden Cell, Super Saiyan God/Blue Cell, SSGSS4 Gogito, Super saiyan God/Blue Vegito, True God Goku and Kaio Gohan with custom skill sets and transformation, enjoy  

All New Villainous Frieza, Cell & Buu

My First MOD All New Villainous Frieza, Cell & Buu – Replaces Villainous Mode Only – New Auras: Frieza-fire supersaiyan god aura Cell-fire darkness golden fiezas aura Kid Buu-lightning aura – Custom Skill Sets Frieza-super dragon fist, death beam, burst attack, maximum charge. heat dome attack, sphere of destruction. science vanish. Cell-orin combo,burst kamehameha, split finger […]

Cell mod pack ( Imperfect + Semi Perfect Cell)

Replaces Cell Full power with Semi Perfect Cell and Imperfect Cell ON THE SAME SLOT !