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Kaio Shin’s, Démigra and Cell

Hello! Now… Supreme Kai of Time, Elder Kai, Démigra, Démigra (Final Form) and Imperfect Cell for play Replaces Pan, Buu (Small), Eis Shenron, Broly and Perfect Cell respectively Have custom portrait and voice for battle You can edit the Skills manually, too have suggestions for his Too change the aura of Eis and Broly with […]

Dragonball Super Goku and Vegeta transform to SSB H-Graphics

Basically the same as my other mod but with SSB instead of SSJ form since someone asked me to do a ssb version…

Dragonball Super Goku and Vegeta H-Graphics

Something I made out of boredom and thought I’d upload… Just replaces SSGSS Goku and Vegeta with their base forms and allows them to go SSJ like in DBS. It’s in H-Graphics.

Taken Raditz (Destiny Inspired)

*I DO NOT OWN NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE RIGHTS TO DESTINY IN ANYWAY! I’M JUST A FAN WHO WANTED TO SEE RADITZ AS A TAKEN! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!* Well disclaimer out of the way, this mod basically makes Raditz appear as a Taken from the game “Destiny: The […]