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CaC Custom Bust Pack (Requests open)

Some modded busts I made in my spare time. Simple yet effective clothing mods. I’m open to any requests that people want to make for clothes. If anyone wants a special version of the clothes then we can talk about it. Such as having one of the clothes transform into SSJ4. Training Temple Belt: Replaces […]

goku jr. clothes

this is loboblack goku jr clothes and deaky’s tail animation mods and i added a msg so instead of being called four star dragon ball costume ist called goku jr. clothes. This mod replaces four star dragon ball costume. links goku clothes:goku jr. clothes tail mods:tail move set:other tail mod

Clothes Equality!

Here’s another preparation mod for future projects! This time I’ve edited the clothes Stats to make all of them equal in terms of bonus given. Here’s what I’ve done in detail: Upper Clothes, Gloves and Accessories don’t give bonuses. In that way you can use even the nude torso without losing anything. Lower Clothes (Pants!) […]