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Simply Better Looking [Reshade/SweetFX Preset]

Simply Better Looking Hello, This is my attempt to fix some of the graphical problems in this game with Reshade (For the Full Version) or SweetFX (For the Lite Version). Well keeping to the original style of the game, Works Great with all color/shade mods because of this. There are 2 Options, Full (Reshade) and […]

H-Xenoverse (SweetFX Preset)

Hello This is my SweetFX Preset i have been working on to go with HeirTalent’s Coloring/Shading. BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SOOO GO GET IT!!!!HERE(https://gumroad.com/heirtalent#) There are 2 Options, more may come. Mostly Sharpened image, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, as well as […]