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Super Saiyan rose for cac tranformable male no glow + yusions colorable clothes

This mod allows you to turn in to a Super Saiyan Rose without the over-the-top glow transformations usually have in the game. Black goku costume shown in one of the pictures is not featured in the mod.

Saiyan Battle Suit Slim fit Colorable (No glow)

Normal versión No glow.   It includes ONLY Busts & Pants

Saiyan Battle Suit Slim fit (Glow & Colorable)

With glow and Colorable

Plot’s Hair Pack For HUF / SYF ( Replaces all hairs!)

READ! Hey everyone! Its me again :b and I’m returning with some goodies 🙂 This time I’m releasing my personal hair replacer mod, which replaces ALL hairs for both Human and Saiyan Females. Ofcourse All hairs are colourable, and compatible with all transformations (which i have tested myself) All hairs have been properly weighted and […]

Majin Petrosk’s Colorable Outfits Pack + Bonus vs2

To see the non-colorable Outfits, check my Topic Mod http://xenoversemods.com/forums/topic/majin-petrosk-mods please read the file READ ME for more information Gotenks Heroes Bust Colorable – Replaces Gogeta Bust for HUM/SYM and HUF/SYM Shenlong Armor Colorable – Replaces Tien Clothes Bonus – Since some people ask me to release my Demon Outfit I made to myself, I […]