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SSG Gotenks to SSB3! (100 DL special)

I made this mod because on my first mod I got 100 downloads in a day. I would like to thank everyone who downloaded it and supported me with LSSJ4 goku!

New Opening for Dragon Ball Xenoverse By Zilver

***IMPORTANTE: Guardar los archivos originales en otra parte como respaldo. IMPORTANT: Save the original files elsewhere as a backup.*** Este mod incluye música clásica del Anime in batallas & misiones This mod includes classical music of the Anime in battles & missions Credits: Opening By Zhilver. Music original of Anime in the game: La música […]

Black Goku (Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Ark)

There will be a future trucks mod coming out soon! Be sure to subscribe to my channel where i post Dragon ball related content. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBMlI5sTaz6GXGW_p-528w     This is a mod i made becaue i was hyped for the next ark of dragon ball super. If you have any issues dont hesitate to comment, We […]

Goku Absalon Clothes for CAC

so this mod add goku absalon clothes for CAC

credit for: Brandalf



im sorry for didnt put credits to brandalf i saw too many people has mad by this, for the next i will remember thats :/

im sorry for my english too isn´t my lmother language

Piccolo with Demon King clothes – With manga colors and Cel-shading

This mod adds the manga-accurate color scheme to Piccolo’s costumes, along with Cel-shading It also replaces Piccolo’s third slot with the classic Demon-King Piccolo costume from Dragon Ball!

Dragon Ball Tenshinhan – With manga colors and Cel-shading

(Re-upload, since the original was probably deleted with the old site) This mod replaces Tien’s first two slots with a more manga-accurate attire, while it replaces his third slot with Tien’s classic ‘purple’ attire from Dragon Ball, complete with Cel-shading!