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Hey guys, another mod I took some time out to work on, still not perfect however and is only working for eyes 2 & 4 Hope you guys like it, I might upload some more later

Bardock/Future Gohan’s Scars with SSG pupil vs2

This mod contains Bardock’s face (Eyes Shape and Scar), Future Gohan’s Scar and Goku SSG Transformable Pupils HUM_000_Face_base -> Mouth/Jaw Type 1 (Bardock’s Scar) HUM_000_Face_Forehead -> Eyes Type 1 (Bardock’s Eyes Shape) HUM_001_Face_base -> Mouth/Jaw Type 1 (Future Gohan’s Scar)   Pupils of Goku SSG (transformable) HUM_000_Face_eye -> Pupils Type 1 HUM_001_Face_eye -> Pupils Type […]

Mega Pack of Sharingan Eyes for CaC (All Races)

All Sharingans of the Naruto (Manga) and some of my creations (Majin Sharingans) for ALL Races of the game

Reajusted Sizes for each race and some eyes have glow (to avoid redundancy)

The color of the eye will be the one you select for your character in game (example – if you selected the blue color, then your sharingan will be a blue one)

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