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Female Majin Race Transformation Mod (Kid Buu Form)!!

This Mod is Made By HunYan! Please credit me if you want to use it in your videos. This mod gives the Female Majin Race a kid buu transformation. You need to pick no Hands for it to work ( — ) Use Super Saiyan or Super Vegeta skill for the transformation. How? Just add […]

DBO Long Female Hair

Hey folks! a request by Shadongo! female long hair from the game DBO remade into Xenoverse for all you who like your saiyan women with long luscious hair, you’re worth it 😉 Big thank you to Shadongo for his support! This hair is compatible with my SSJ White and SSB h-graphics textures, just match the […]

Female Raditz hair with Custom SSJ

Hey folks! here is a remade version of the Raditz hairstyle for the female saiyans! turns out female hairstyles are a bit trickier than male for some reason but enjoy! An old mod I made and just thought i’d show it here.

SSJ4 Vegeto hairstyle for female custom character

Hey, Future Warrior here. This is my first mod and i hope you will enjoy it. This will replace hairstyle #7   ~Future Warrior

Plot’s Hair Pack For HUF / SYF ( Replaces all hairs!)

READ! Hey everyone! Its me again :b and I’m returning with some goodies 🙂 This time I’m releasing my personal hair replacer mod, which replaces ALL hairs for both Human and Saiyan Females. Ofcourse All hairs are colourable, and compatible with all transformations (which i have tested myself) All hairs have been properly weighted and […]

Female SSJ3 Transformation for CaC

So I debated weather to release this mod or not. I didn’t know if it was perfect or how it would be received. I decided to release it. By default it transforms hairstyle 7 into super saiyan 3. Also, sorry about the black lines. I don’t know how to remove it. After a while you […]

Bloody Rose Battle Armor For Female Saiyan & Human

Just a quick mod I made that adds new battle armor for Saiyan and Human Female CaC’s. It replaces the frieza saga vegeta battle armor. Hope you guys enjoy.

Female hair #01 and #18 transform to #16

Another request fulfilled, this time it’s a female mod.

There are 2 mods in the release:

  • female hair #01 that transforms into female #16
  • female hair #18 that transforms into female #16

By default, if you don’t change anything, this mod will replace hair #03 and #16, that’s because #01 and #18 use shared textures with the others hairstyles and replaceing them will cause problems.

You can replace different hairs other that the numbers I’ve put, but be careful to the shared files between the hairs, for example the hair 001.emb is used by most of the hairs, so if you replace it you’ll corrupt the textures of every other female hairstyle.

Some hairstyles don’t have .emb files, that’s because they share it with another hairstyle, so if you try to replace these hairstyles with my mods, the lines won’t be correct.

I assure that if you replace the proper hairstyles, the lines on my mods are perfectly working (as you can see in the screenshot).


Rate and comment!

If you want to requests an hair mod, do it at my forum topic: The Wizard transformable hairs.

Konan hair for female CaC

I made too few female mods, so here’s a remedy!

One of my favourite Naruto characters now as its place even in Xenoverse!

Hair model taken from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

As you can see in the pics, the flower and even the piercing can be coloured!


Mirror link on the left! Rate and comment!

I Found a way to remove completely the black outlines, but that requires a little effort by your side!

If you want to requests an hair mod or read the outline removing guide, this is my forum topic: The Wizard transformable hairs.

Super buu antenna for female Majin

Add Super buu’s antenna to the first female Majin haircut. Quite simple.