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Golden Frieza Fighting Animation For FRI

I Noticed There Weren’t Many Frieza Race Mods. So I Decided To Give The CAC Frieza’s Fighting Animation. It Was Just So Cool. Everyone , Please Honestly Tell Me If You Like It. PS: I Couldn’t Get A Proper Shot Of The Fighting.

Frieza Custome Moveset (Final Shine Attack And More!)

Hey guys, just like the piccolo one i made a skillset for Frieza, a almost complete new one. It includes awesome attacks like final shine attack and super galick gun. Enjoy!

Dark Freeza! (Freeza “Transformation”)

It makes freeza black.

Beeza! (Freeza “Transformation”)

Freeza goes super saiyan and kinda looks like a bee. Thus, Beeza was born.

Time Breaker Venom For FRI and HUM

This is a costume made to look like venom/symbiote ooze got on Mira,therefore creating this time Breaker Venom concept.If you want me to do more concepts like this just tell me a specific armor and I will Venomify it.I will soon release a version for Namekian race since I feel they are underated and they […]

Kid Black Goku/Fukkatsu No F Goku with GT SSGSS3

I originally planned to do black goku but then I then decided I could “Go further beyond!”


This is another mod by me as requested by many people here it is hope you all like it don’t forget to like , subs  and comment… VIDEO LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTN5d-bDSco

Transformated Forms for Frieza’s Race

Here I am, returned to transformation mods, but this time for Frieza’s Race. Use my other mod No Racism! Skills for everyone! to be able to use SSj on other races and be able to transform. I’m also searching for ideas to design some transformed forms starting from the base ones, go here: Frieza’s Race […]

Silver Frieza

Replaces Golden Frieza from DLC 3. If you don’t have DLC you can download it for free from this link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BylnMidNBsubM2lidzBwd0M4Tzg&usp=drive_web Just run the exe file, save it wherever you want on your computer, copy the files and paste into the Xenoverse folder, then you can install the mod and it’s ready to enjoy.

Dragon ball ElseWorld FINAL

welcome to dragon ball elseworld where I have added 8 what if characters Bargeta, Legendary Super Saiyan Demon Broly, Golden Cell, Super Saiyan God/Blue Cell, SSGSS4 Gogito, Super saiyan God/Blue Vegito, True God Goku and Kaio Gohan with custom skill sets and transformation, enjoy