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This is another mod pack by me as requested by many people here it is specially dlc character to make it perfect and good with new textures so here it is all characters are in ultra HD graphics see by yourself after downloading new stuff new z soul hope you all like it don’t forget […]

Black Vegito transforming to SSR (REUPLOADED)

Yow guys! i made another mod! 😀 BLACK VEGITO- SSR (Supersaiyan Rose) WITH 2 STYLES #BLACK VEGITO MOD replaced on Gogeta(SS4) slot #With Custom skill,Z-soul stat,name   ENJOY GUYS!


This is another mod for DBS what happens when Black Goku SSR and Goku SSB fuse the fusion will be ultimate even God of destruction will not be able to beat them check out hope you all like it and don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe for more… Thanks to Antonio Salvatore for Black […]

Fusion Vest”Balding” Accessory All Races(Disclaimer;balds your cac)

This was made only for one mod I’m making but decided to release it for all races.If you don’t mind going bald then enjoy since this wasn’t supposed to be a mod for all cac’s anyway.Replaces Blue’s Army Cap.If for some reason you want me to make a bald cap only than I will easily […]

Tryzick Fusion Coat

Hey folks! bringing another clothing mod to you all! my undershirt once again but this time its under the fusion coat so enjoy looking like a fused bad ass! The outfit is fully colourable! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/download/hasfwwnv1wyh0pl/Tryzick_Fusion_Coat.zip I do not give permission for anyone to release or upload this mod anywhere. Music – Rising Force.

Maxi Fusion Hair & Brow Pack

  Hey folks! bringing you a new hairstyle that I am quite proud off! a two-tone super saiyan hairstyle with a colourable bandana! this is one of my favorite mods that i’ve worked on so far and I hope you enjoy it! This mod contains SSB, SSJ and Custom SSJ texture forms of both h-graphics […]

Barku (Goku and Bardock fusion)

Nothing to say… Just create a new mod with my favourite characters   Watch the video below In my new Youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAO5KiPBYlU


This is another mod as what it would be if fusion take place in DBS between Goku and Vegeta here it is new stuff hope you all like it don’t forget to like , comment and subscribe…

Bardoku, Father and Son Fusion

This is just a little mod I did of Bardock and Goku fused with the Potara. I haven’t uploaded a mod before so any feedback would be great!

SSJ 5 To SSGSS 5 Goku , Vegeta and Gogeta

SO this is super saiyan 5 to super saiyan god super saiyan 5 (super saiyan blue 5 ) This is so bullsht 😀 Enjoy this mod and leave feedback and if u have any bugs let me know