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Future Gohan’s Wig [Replace Master Shen’s Hat]

Get rid of that weird shen’s hat and replace it with the Future Gohan’s wig!

HairStyle #7 turns into future gohan ssgss/ssg blue

this is a mod for ssgss/ssg blue cac with the ssj style from Future Gohan


Credits for: Loris Cangini


Future Gohan’s clothes for CaC

Hi, Guys, this is my first mod. I created this clothes for who have a CaC without arm.   Bugs: Goku’s Gi (HUM_500 to HUM_502) will get bugs. So for Goku/Gohan’s Gi, if you want perfect, you should take Goku’s Gi (No Character) (HUM_503) I’m using Saiyuki Costume (HUM_619) So if you want for Saiyuki, […]

Future Gohan

Future Gohan Mod with a custom name, portrait and skills. Replace Gohan (Adult) Great Saiyaman Slot