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SSGSS3 GOKU KAIOKEN X 10 DragonBall Super

This is another mod or you can call this awesome mod by me from new Dragonball Super series with new moves and new ssgss kaioken aura also how Goku can be much powerful in this new form see by yourself this video don’t forget to like ,subscribe and comment… VIDEO LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV5K66Au4aI

Dragon ball ElseWorld FINAL

welcome to dragon ball elseworld where I have added 8¬†what if characters Bargeta, Legendary Super Saiyan Demon Broly, Golden Cell, Super Saiyan God/Blue Cell, SSGSS4 Gogito, Super saiyan God/Blue Vegito, True God Goku and Kaio Gohan with custom skill sets and transformation, enjoy