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White & Black God Goku (Pessi’s Mod Required)

Reshading of Pessi’s Goku Mod Here [https://xenoversemods.com/mods/super-saiyan-blue-goku-vegeta-dbs-h-graphic/] Credit to Heirtalent for Color & Shading (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/16/heirtalents-thread-vegito-ssj4-released) Credit to Pessi’s for his great mod (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/37/pessi-black-goku-xenoverse-vote) If you would like the same aura for goku, use the aura tool here [http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/85/mugenattacks-mod-tools] by MugensAttack and give SSGGSS Goku Aura 15.


This is another mod for DBS what happens when Black Goku SSR and Goku SSB fuse the fusion will be ultimate even God of destruction will not be able to beat them check out hope you all like it and don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe for more… Thanks to Antonio Salvatore for Black […]

God of destruction goku!!

enjoy and leave feedback and if you have any request write then in video comments or tweet me !  

Gogeta goku vegeta and black from OPM VS DBZ

these are charactes from fan animated series OPM VS DBZ i Tried my best and it came out quite nice and yea if you have any suggestions on what mod i should create next please let me and i might try and make it!

Gohan SSB and SSW transformations (H-Graphics)

Hello guys, i made this two tranformations for gohan, ssj blue and ssj white with goku fnf gi, using ssj 2 and unlocked potential skills, so hope you like the textures and thanks to Heir for h graphics and my friend Sol Negro for some help with the bust XD


This is new mod for Black Goku from DBS as requested by many people to remake this mod so here it is final mod with new skills retextured and different look¬† hope you all like it don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe…

Goku super saiyan god of destruction To super saiyan blue god of destruction

this is a update to a mod “Goku Super saiyan god of destruction” now goku can transform to SSGSS/SSB and be even mo powerfull Little changes to mod itself.


SUPER! SAIYAN!¬†RAINBOW! The true power of the gods has been realized! Forget having to choose between Gold, Red, or Blue! Now, you can be all that and more! This mod will grant you power beyond comprehension!* This spectacular mod (which should have been in the game, obviously) retextures regular Super Saiyan for CAC’s. It gives […]

Broly Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

i have nothing to say … ONLY DRAGON BALL XENOVER 2 IM WAITING   if there is any problems with this mod let me know

Beerus Movement Style for CaC Saiyan Male UPDATED

This mod is for a Random mutual request I saw and had I decided to matters into my own hands..   Let me know what you think its a basic mod nothing major. I just love the Nonchalant fighting style and flying style its dope.