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Legendary SSJ4 Gogeta! (No, I wont stop!) (Fixed colors)

I found out how to model mod so I made the hair a bit crazier!

SSJ420 Gogeta (Box art edition)

Just wanted to make another graphics mod.

SSJ420 Gogeta!

Just my 3rd mod


This is another mod pack by me as requested by many people here it is specially dlc character to make it perfect and good with new textures so here it is all characters are in ultra HD graphics see by yourself after downloading new stuff new z soul hope you all like it don’t forget […]

Alternate SSJ4 Gogeta (H-Graphics)

This mod was inspired by the deviant art user hsvhrt. I was working on this sometime ago, but I put it down and forgot about it. Now it’s finished, and I am thoroughly happy with it. It comes in normal and h-graphics. So choose which ever you want. Link to the artist

Tryzick Fusion Coat

Hey folks! bringing another clothing mod to you all! my undershirt once again but this time its under the fusion coat so enjoy looking like a fused bad ass! The outfit is fully colourable! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/download/hasfwwnv1wyh0pl/Tryzick_Fusion_Coat.zip I do not give permission for anyone to release or upload this mod anywhere. Music – Rising Force.

Gogeta goku vegeta and black from OPM VS DBZ

these are charactes from fan animated series OPM VS DBZ i Tried my best and it came out quite nice and yea if you have any suggestions on what mod i should create next please let me and i might try and make it!


This is another mod as what it would be if fusion take place in DBS between Goku and Vegeta here it is new stuff hope you all like it don’t forget to like , comment and subscribe…

Gogeta SSGODSS to SSGODSS4 Hair Transformation for CAC

NEED HELP TO REMOVE YELLOW GLOW SOMEONE??!!!!   This Mod is Fully Fledged Made by Me. I Thank Yumesh32(not on this site)¬†for helping me cut vegito hairstyle puff to make it gogeta’s Hairstyle and I seriously thank my friend jgan for helping me out with ssblue4 transformation. The Hair Style is Colourable and You can […]

Gogeta X100 Kaioken

This is a mod from fan series “DBZ vs OPM” GOGETA X100 kaioken i dont know if i can put this video but this way you will see from where i made this mod! Enjoy And i will try to make that black goku but for now im going out for a week This mod […]