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Dragon Ball Fusions Golden Goku

This is what happens when you fuse SSJ Goku with SSJ4 Goku. Not too different but I personally like the way it looks.

Super Saiyan God Blue Goku

Simply a fusion of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Hope you enjoy.

SSJ4 Goku (Z) Retexture Pack

Includes retextures of my SSJ4 Goku (Z) Mod. Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan Blue 4 Super Saiyan 4 Gold (You don’t need to download my other SSJ4 Goku (Z) mod for this to work, the folders include all the files you need)


Hope ya’ll enjoy the dankness of GT GOKU transforming into SUPA SAIYAJIN POTTO. Thanks to Bandroid for making X-Shader, which this mod is based on!

White & Black God Goku (Pessi’s Mod Required)

Reshading of Pessi’s Goku Mod Here [https://xenoversemods.com/mods/super-saiyan-blue-goku-vegeta-dbs-h-graphic/] Credit to Heirtalent for Color & Shading (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/16/heirtalents-thread-vegito-ssj4-released) Credit to Pessi’s for his great mod (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/37/pessi-black-goku-xenoverse-vote) If you would like the same aura for goku, use the aura tool here [http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/85/mugenattacks-mod-tools] by MugensAttack and give SSGGSS Goku Aura 15.

Legendary SSJ4 Gogeta! (No, I wont stop!) (Fixed colors)

I found out how to model mod so I made the hair a bit crazier!

Legendary Super Sayin 4 Goku (Time Breaker) With Bandroid17’s shaders

Idk, Just a mod.


Hey guys! Just a nice little mod. SHOUTOUT TO MAXPOWER879 FOR GIVING ME THE BRILLIANT IDEA OF DOING THIS MOD! THIS MOD IS ENTIRELY BASED ON HIS MOD, CHECK THEM OUT HERE https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/shadow879879/

SSB Goku DBXV 2 Box art shading (Bandroid17 Shading)

Just liked the DBXV 2 box art shading so I made it on one of my friends textures!

LSSJ4 Goku (DBS Edition)

I got requested this a couple of times so I made it!