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Transformated Forms for Frieza’s Race

Here I am, returned to transformation mods, but this time for Frieza’s Race. Use my other mod No Racism! Skills for everyone! to be able to use SSj on other races and be able to transform. I’m also searching for ideas to design some transformed forms starting from the base ones, go here: Frieza’s Race […]

Diamond Frieza

I got this idea from a YouTube comment on a KaggyFilms video and thought it was a good idea. So this is Diamond Frieza.  I’m starting to like this more than Golden Frieza. I think this fits Frieza’s race more than gold and since Frieza just got defeated by two Blue Warriors.

Mirror Link-  http://www.mediafire.com/download/m302garz611jaoo/Diamond_Frieza_%28FreshAsim%29.zip

Gold SSJ4 Goku

“What SSJ4 should have looked like”

Platinum Frieza

Recommended Aura: Ultimate Gohan’s White-Blue Aura

Hakaishin Tournament SS Vegeta (Dragonball Super)

SSGSS Vegeta with regular SSJ Colors.
I recommend you change the aura to SSJ2/3 aura, but it still looks awesome with the SSGSS aura.

Gold SSJ4 Vegeta

“What SSJ4 should have looked like”

Gold SSJ4 Gogeta

“What SSJ4 should have looked like”